Monday, November 23, 2009

Getting Started ...

It all started almost 4 years ago ... when I started making cheese with raw milk from a local cow dairy. The cheese turned out delicious and I wanted to produce my own milk to control the quality of what went into the cheese.

So why goats? Well ... after getting a lovely milk cow named Molly and milking her for a while, I found that tending cows is not my favorite thing to do. They need lots of room to graze ... and leave these big sloppy wet stinky piles all over the place. So anyway ... cows are not my favorite animal.

I knew I wanted to make cheese and started researching all the details of caring for dairy goats. After about 6 month of research, I bought my first 3 milking does and 2 bottle babies. They were wonderful! I never imagined how affectionate and intelligent they are! I was in love!

Their milk is delicious ... the cheese and yogurt made from their milk is wonderful. I milked 26 does this season and many people enjoyed the milk, cheese, yogurt and cheesecakes.

The best part of the day is spent out with the goats!


~Tonia said...

Ahhh the addiction! Non goat people just dont understand!I agree 100% on the cow thing!! I am special as I am your First Follower!Lol Glad you made it here!!

Anonymous said...

Hello, Welcome to the world of blogging. Looking forward to keeping up with your post. Happy Thanksgiving.

I will add a link on my blog for you.

Brenda said...

Thank you Tonia and Barbara for checking out my new blog! I'm excited about sharing my experiences with the goats and how the cheesemaking operation is progressing.

Happy Thanksgiving to you both!

Linda said...

Hi Brenda, I was looking on your blog and this is your first post. So I am wondering (and I bet you have said someplace) when did you first start milking your first goat? When did you get your first goats?

I always wanted a Miniature Jersey cow (they used to be smaller but have gradually been bred larger), but it seems that goats are much better proposition! And the milk really is wonderful isn't it?