Thursday, November 26, 2009

My First Herd Sire - BW

Well ... since goats give milk only after they have had their babies ... and I needed that milk to make great cheeses ... It was time to introduce them to BW the big beautiful - very stinky - buck I had purchased. They had been calling out to him from across the pasture between their pens ... so I knew they were ready for him to come join them.

BW (stands for Black and White) is an ADGA registered LaMancha. He has lots of stars on his papers and throws does with great milking genetics. He is the son of Shamrock's Blackjack.

Why a LaMancha buck? Two of my does were Nubian and 3 of them were LaMancha. I figured you don't milk the ears anyway ...right?

It was really funny that first season to watch BW with the does and how he "romanced" them. With all of the tongue flapping ... foot stomping ... talking to them. It was interesting to see how they communicate.

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