Saturday, November 28, 2009

My First Kidding Season - Darcy

The following is from the journal I kept during the 2008 kidding season.

Sunday 2-10-2008

7:30 am
I sure wish we didn't have so much show and ice. It's making going out to do chores difficult.
- Darcy has a Full Bag
- She has 2 " gell hanging from vulva
- I put Darcy in a kidding pen4:30 pm
- 1 buck (born first) black and white - Name: Cezar - 6 pounds
- 1 doe (born second) dark color - Name: Opal - 4 pounds
- 1 doe (born third) cream color - Name: Pearl - 3.75 pounds- Gave 1/2 cc BoSe orally to each kid to combat white muscle disease.
- Trimmed and put iodine on their navel cords.

- Cezar nursed well and was strong.
- Opal nursed well and was strong.
- Pearl would not nurse, I milked some colostrum and gave her 20 cc via a tube. Pearl was born with her back feet curled under and she waked on her pastern joint.
- Fed Darcy Alfalfa hay

9:30 pm
- Brought Pearl inside to warm her up and bottle fed her 2 oz. Then took her back out to be with the other kids and Darcy.

11:00 pm All three were up and nursing well.

Monday 2-11-08

7:30 am
- All 3 kids nursing well
- Gave Cezar 1/2 cc Byomicin for raspy breathing
- Pearl is stronger and standing on her feet perfectly now

Darcy is not letting much milk down and is not eating well
- Gave Darcy 2 cc Oxytocin to help her release her milk/colostrum
- I'm giving her sorgum in warm water to keep her hydrated and give her energy.
- She only ate half of her grain.

Tuesday 2-12-08

7:30 am
- Kids act hungry
- I gave Darcy more Sorgum water and mixed in Herbal Tonic powder
- I'm going to start bottle feeding the kids
- I try to milk her out, but not much is coming out
- Gave Darcy 6 cc Penicillin to treat her udder

11:00 am
- Bottle fed kids and they ate well
- Gave Darcy 1 quart of Electrolyte with Microbials

6:30 pm
- Moved Darcy and her kids over to the pen inside the well house. She's still very sick. Her udder is very firm, but very little milk is coming out. Even though there are no clumps or strings in her milk, I think it may be Mastitus or Milk Fever.
- Gave Darcy 6 cc Penicillin to treat the infection.
- She drank another quart of the Electrolyte mixture and then drank some cool water.
- The kids drank their bottles of goat milk replacer very well tonight.

Wednesday 2/13/08

We still have over 2 inches of solid packed ice and a little powering of snow on it this morning. The little bit of snow on top made it a little easier to get around. I only fell once today. My neck is really sore from falling twice and hitting my head the first day of the ice. I have a mild whip-lash. I still have a really bad headache. It's a little better tonight. I think it's from my neck and shoulder muscles hurting so much.

Darcy has been getting sicker and weaker. I gave her more electrolyte mixture with a drench syringe so I could keep her hydrated. I was finally able to get out of the driveway through the ice and ran into town to get some medicine that you squirt up onto the udder to help fight the infection. I gave her more electrolyte mixture with a syringe so I could keep her hydrated before I left.

When I got home she had passed away. This was very very sad. She was my first doe to have kids on my farm.
I still miss her. I have her daughters, Opal and Pearl. And, her granddaughters, Lacy and JoJo.

I learned to always have mastitus treatment on hand and to give the does a paste of calcium, magnisium, and colbolt as soon as they deliver. This prevents milk fever from setting in. I also learned to keep them completely milked out several times a day even if the kids are nursing well to prevent udder infection. I'm thankful that I've never had another case of mastitus or milk fever here on the farm.

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