Saturday, November 28, 2009

My First Kidding Season - Holly

The following is from the journal I kept during my first kidding season in 2008.

Wednesday 2/13/08
Holly had two babies this afternoon around 5:00 pm. One buck and one doe. They're doing really good.

I ran into town to get some medicine for Darcy. When I got home Holly was having her babies. Since I had been so concerned with Darcy's health, I missed the signs of Holly's early labor. I did some quick moving and scooped up Holly's first baby off of the ice and moved her into a kidding pen before the second was born ... I'm sure she didn't appreciate me moving her with tiny hoofs sticking out of her back side! I had my phone with me and got some really good pictures of the baby being born. This is the first time I was able to catch the actual delivery of one of the kids! Now I have to figure out how to get them off of my phone and onto my computer!!

- Gave 1/2 cc BoSe orally to each kid and 1 cc SQ to Holly
- Gave Holly 25 cc Cal-Mag-Co paste (diluted with some water) orally for calcium, energy, and to prevent Milk Fever

Sammie and Tasha (PB LaMancha)
Thursday 2/14/08
I moved Holly's two babies into the kid room inside the heated well house since I needed the kidding pen for Emily. She looks very close to kidding. I only have 3 kidding pens and 7 does that will be kidding. Lilah and Bell were in the other two pens and due today. Holly was not happy about being separated from her kids and was calling loudly for them from the big goat yard. Since it was night and I didn't want her to call the coyotes up to the kidding area, I put her into the kid pen with her babies and Darcy's 3 that were already in there. She spent the night with them in there.

Friday - 2/15/06
I moved Holly into the big goat yard this morning after she had nursed her kids and I had finished milking her out.

- Holly is milking very well. She is a pleasure.
- The babies are all doing fine

Saturday - 2/16/08
- Still milking great. About half a gallon morning and evening.

Sunday - 2/17/08
- Still milking great. About half a gallon morning and evening.

Monday - 2/18/08
- A little over half a gallon morning and evening.

Tuesday - 2/19/08- Hollie's milk has come in very well. She's milking great. This is her second freshening and I am very impressed with her udder formation and the amount of milk she's giving!

- Her kids, Sammy and Tasha take their bottle eagerly, play and grow!


Anonymous said...

Hello, Love the kids pictures. They are so adorable! .....I am looking forward to the day we finish fencing in our property and build several more stalls so that I can get my milking goats.

Brenda said...

Hi Barbra - Dairy goats are Awesome! Their personality is different from meat goats and pigmy goats. It's something that is hard to describe, but once you experience them ... you'll never want to be without them!

I currently have LaMancha, Nubian, Alpine, and one Toggenburg doe. There is a difference in the personalites of each of these breeds too.

The Nubians are definately more vocal and roudy. The LaManchas are quieter and more intellegent.
The Alpines are somewhere in between the Nubians and LaManchas.
The Toggenburg is much more active than the others. If there's something to climb on she'll be up on it. She has found a way to get up on a high shelf in their lounging area of the barn!

~Tonia said...

Someone needs to tell my Nubians that they are suppose to be loud!!lol My 2 purebred girls are the most quiet in the herd here. My Nubian crosses are the Noisiest!
I think Dairy goats tend to be much friendly and more relient on their people then meat goats. I dont know if its the contact you have with them daily or what.. Our meat goats were never near as friendly as the Dairy and Dairy cross..

Brenda said...

Tonia - Don't tell them they're supposed to be loud. Quiet is nice! But, I do like the way they hum when they're pregnant. I have twin Nubian does, Valery and Liz, that hum ... not moan ... but hum sort of a tune most of the time that they're pregnant. It's really pretty cool.