Thursday, November 26, 2009

My First Season - Pregnant Does

I never imagined they would get so wide!

Lilah at 4 months

Bell at 4 months


Emily just before delivering 4 kids (Lilah & 3 kids in the background)

I spent those months reading and re-reading everything I could find on taking care of them during pregnancy and all the things that you had to watch for during pregnancy and delivery. It's pretty scary with all that could go wrong. I studied and tried to memorize the bad birth positions and what to do. I got my "kidding kit" together with all of the things I thought I'd need for all those "just in case" cases.

Needless to say ... by the time for kidding came I was as prepared as I could be for my first kidding season. I watched my does closely as their due dates drew close.

By this time I had acquired 2 more does and would be kidding 7 does that first season. As always ... the research helps - especially the web sites with photos of what to expect ... But the best teacher is hands on experience!


~Tonia said...

One of these times I am going to make a wide load sign and Stick to their backend and take a pic!! It always amazes me how big they get!!
My first big kidding season of more than 2 does called for some hands on learning.. It stuck with me! But if it hadnt been for my book reading I wouldnt have known what to do. SO it all goes hand in hand...

Brenda said...

A Wide Load sign on their back end would be very funny! -- But also very appropriate!

Everything went smoothly that first kidding season ... until Bell. I was up to my elbow inside of her turning the head of one of her kids around so he could be born. That was my first assisted delivery. Talk about the adrenalin pumping! But, in the end, we got her 3 kids delivered safely.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Incredible how big they get.