Wednesday, December 2, 2009

My First Kidding Season - Bell

The following is from the journal I kept during the 2008 kidding season.


Thursday - 2/14/08
I spent the day and most of the night out in the kidding pen. Bell was starting early labor when I went out to check on the goats early morning. So, I spent most of the day out there to be sure things went okay. Bell was uncomfortable and having mild to medium contractions most of the day. She was producing a stream of brownish gel.

After Lilah had delivered her kids, I noticed Bell stretched out and really groaning. It looked like she was going to need my help to deliver these kids. I had read all about this, and researched it on the internet, but had never actually assisted a delivery. I was very concerned and a worried about having to go inside her to help since I had never done anything like that before, but she just wasn't getting anywhere even with hard labor pushing.

I decided that I had to help her. I poured alcohol on my hands and arms to get the germs off, put a rubber glove on my right hand, and spread some OB lubricant on my hand and arm. I eased my hand into her and felt around for the baby. I found the head but the feet were curled up under. The feet have to come out first with the head. So, I found the left leg and got it straight. I pulled and pulled on the leg to get the baby out. Finally, I got the baby pulled out. I was afraid that he'd be dead since he had been inside her all that time and his birth sack was already broken. I hung him upside down and got him cleared out and he started sputtering and breathing. She licked him and we got him dried off and laying under the heat lamp. He was weak but otherwise okay.

I figured that she would go ahead and have the others, since I got the one out of the way that was causing the blockage. So, I sat with her and waited for almost an hour. She wasn't getting anything else out so I had Ray help me hold her from the front end and I got cleaned up and got another glove on to go in and help again. This time I found the joint of a back leg curled up in a breach position. I found both back legs and got them straightened out. I pulled at baby out. He was stillborn. I could tell that he had been dead for some time, because he was very small and underdeveloped.

It looked like she still had one in her so I went in again. This time I found the birth sac unbroken. The only way I could pull that baby was to break the sac. I found his front legs, but I couldn't find his head!! He had it completely turned and laying along his left side. I had to go into her up to my elbow to get far enough to get hold of his nose to get it turned around. I was working as fast as I could to get him positioned into a position that he could be delivered from. I knew that once I had broken his birth sac that time was critical for him to breath air. I'm glad Ray was there holding her from going forward.

It was VERY hard, but I finally got his head pointing forward and one leg coming out. I pulled on that leg with both hands and got him pulled out. I hung him upside down and patted and rubbed him on his sides to clear his breathing passages. He sputtered and got the fluid cleared out and started breathing fine.

Bell and her 2 little bucks

All three of her babies were in bad birthing positions. She wouldn't have had any of them with out help to position them and pulling them out. She would have died trying to have them.

Whew! What a Valentine's Day!

- Gave 1/2 cc BoSe orally to each kid and 1 cc SQ to Bell
- Gave Bell 10 cc Penicillin since I had to enter her to assist with the delivery
- Gave Bell 2 cc Lutalyse (Lute) to help her pass the plecenta since she had not passed it in 4 hours

Friday - 2/15/06
Both of Bell's live babies are doing good this morning and are nursing well.

- Bell still had not passed her placenta
- Gave her 2 cc Lutalyce to cycle her in order to get the retained placenta out
- Gave her 10 cc penicillin to fight uterine infection
- Gave her 25 cc Cal-Mag-Co paste orally for calcium, energy, and to prevent Milk Fever
- The babies are all doing fine

Saturday - 2/16/08
- Bell finally passed her placenta
- Gave her 10 cc penicillin to fight uterine infection
- Moved Bell out to the big goat pen and the babies into the kid room with the other kids
- Bell is in a HOT heat from the Lutalyse shots. She is VERY friendly with me and the other goats!

Sunday - 2/17/08
- Bell is milking good, eating well, and is easy to work with.
- Gave her 10 cc penicillin to fight uterine infection

Monday - 2/18/08
- The induced heat has passed
- She is milking good and seems to be in good health
- Gave her 10 cc penicillin to fight uterine infection since she is still showing a little drainage.

Since helping Bell deliver her kids, my confidence has grown and I know that I can do it and I will never let another doe be in labor that long before preparing to assist her.


~Tonia said...

Once you have been through it you know from then on Not to wait!! Its scary but well worth the effort!!

Brenda said...

I agree! I never wait that long anymore. That first season was such a learning experience. I had to assist several does deliver last spring during the 2009 kidding season, with only one as dramatic as it was with Bell. I think the scary part is having to "see" with your hand and sort out the position of the kids.