Thursday, December 3, 2009

My First Kidding Season - Emily

The following is from the journal I kept during the 2008 kidding season.

Saturday 2/16/08

Wow, what a night! Emily was in early labor most of the day. She was moaning so I sat with her off and on all day. She was so big that she didn't want to get up much - just lay there. She acted like it hurt her feet to stand and walk around. So to give her some exercise, I trimmed her hooves to get them feeling better. She got up a couple of times while I was giving her the "manicure". I figured she needed to get the blood circulating in her legs since she had been laying in the kidding pen since Friday afternoon.

Emily in early labor in a kidding stall

She started mild pushing labor at around 7:00 pm when I was milking Holly, Lilah, and Bell. I told her that I needed to take care of the milk and I'd be back to sit with her. I got back out there at 7:30. She was pushing pretty good then. The first little doe was born at 8:00 pm in a normal front feet and nose presentation.

Emily's first little doe being born

The next birth sack I saw was showing two back feet. That's okay to have one born that way so I wasn't too worried ... except suddenly a second birth sack was coming out beside the one with the back feet showing. That's not good! Two babies in the birth canal won't work.

So, I pushed the second one back in far enough to keep it from coming out with the labor pushes. When I did this that birth sack popped. I knew that time was critical for that baby now and I had to get the one that was coming backward out first so I could get the one I just pushed in. I popped the sack and grabbed the two back legs and pulled ... and pulled ... and pulled. .... This buck was as BIG as the week old babies in the kid pen! He is huge! It took a several seconds of hanging him upside down and patting his sides to get him to breath, but finally he breathed. I laid him with his head down to finish draining the fluid from his breathing passages.

I went in to find the third baby that was trying to come out with him. I found the head, but no legs - So, I felt a little deeper and pulled the left leg out and pulled the baby on out. Yes, Emily was helping with her pushing too. This one was a little doe. She started breathing fine.

Drying the babies off

I dried them off a little and put them up by Emily's head so she could finish the job and lick them. I figured she was all finished when the placenta started coming out with her next few contractions.
Emily cleaning her babies

I gave the babies their BoSe (selenium and vitamin E) supplement for strength and dipped their cord in iodine to keep bacteria from entering them through the broken umbilical cord.

I got Emily up to let them nurse since they were looking for milk. She let them nurse for a little bit and then insisted on laying back down. I figured that she was tired so I let her lay back down. I sat on the hay behind her watching her with her babies and to see if she was going to get all of the placenta pushed out.

At 10:00 pm - To my surprise - I saw two front feet coming out in one of the fluid bubbles that come out with the placenta. I watched for a minute or so to see if she would be able to push this fourth baby out since it was in a normal presentation. She was exhausted and I had already pulled two of her babies so I took both front feet and pulled with her pushes. Out popped a good sized buck! Four babies! No wonder her feet hurt!

- Gave Emily 2 cc Lutalyse to be sure she didn't retain the placenta. She is deep bodied and the same age as Lilah and Bell. I wanted to prevent the retained placenta and uterine infection so gave the lute this time as a preventative measure.

- Gave Emily 10 cc penicillin to fight infection since I had to go in to position two of the babies and pull three of them.

Emily's 4 babies

Sunday - 2/17/08
- Emily is tired this morning, but doing good. She is eating and drinking well.

- All four babies are doing good this morning. I milked Emily and gave them the colostrum in baby bottles to be sure they all got the amount they needed.

What a week! 14 healthy babies and 1 still born. I have 10 in the kid pen in the back half of the well house. They know their order when it comes time to feed them. I feed Darcy's babies, then Holly's babies, then Bell's babies, then Lilah's babies. I hold each of them on my lap to give them their bottle while I'm sitting on a straw bail in their pen. They're sweet babies and so much fun!

Monday 2/18/08
- All four of Emily's babies are strong and vigorous this morning.
- Emily gave enough colostrum/milk to fill three baby bottles this morning, so the big bucks got 8 oz each, the first smallest doe only wanted 4 oz, and the second eager doe drank a little over 6 oz.
- Gave her 10 cc penicillin to fight uterine infection.

I'm continuing to milk Emily and bottle feed the four babies to be sure they're getting the amount that each needs. They are all strong, vigorous, and growing.

- I'll move Emily to the big goat pen this afternoon and put her four babies into the kid room with the others.

- I moved all four of Emily's kids over to the kid pen and they're doing fine. They took their 10:00 pm bottle just fine and curled back to sleep together. The other kids are getting along fine with them.

Tuesday - 2/19/08
- Gave her 10 cc penicillin to fight uterine infection since she is still having quite a bit of drainage. The drainage is pinkish clear. It does not have an infected look nor odor. She seems to be in good health and eating well.


~Tonia said...

Love the pic where she is cleaning them! Its as if she is saying I love you even if you dont have ears!LOL I have yet to have quads. Triplets plenty but no quads.....

Brenda said...

Thanks - I love that photo too!

The 4th one was a BIG surprise to me! He was born an hour after she finished with the others. I'm glad I sit there with her for a while.

I haven't had quads since then, but some of my does are wide enough to have quads.