Friday, January 29, 2010

Kidding - More Kids!

Yes!  It has been a rather busy week!

After the overwhelming rush of deliveries on Sunday the 24th ... the does that were a little over due decided to get into the action.  I'm sure glad Mom had washed and dried all the towels we used to dry all the kids that were born on Sunday!  I put them to use first thing Monday morning.

On Monday morning, the 25th, as soon as I got out to the barn ... I heard Holly groaning and pushing.  This is her 3rd freshening and had an easy time delivering two beautiful big does!

Holly and her doelings

I usually go into town on Mondays for feed and supplies.  So, after checking on the does in the kidding pens and out in the goat yards, Mom and I headed into town.

As soon as we drove into the driveway and started unloading the groceries, Ray came out and said that Nellie was getting ready to have kids.  I ran inside to change clothes and then out to the barn.  Yes, kidding can be very messy and I didn't want to get my "town clothes" that messy.  ;D

Nellie was just pushing out the first little doe when I got to the barn.  Here we are drying her off.

Nellie, me and baby

Here she is with all three of her little does... yes 3 little does.  Yea!

Nellie and her girls!

The next morning, Tuesday the 26th, my Daughter and Grandsons were coming for a visit and to see the new kids.  So I got out to the barn early to check on everyone and to get the feeding and chores done early to be able to spend lots of time with them.  Everything seemed quiet in the barn so I got into the shower in time to be clean before they arrived.

Misty decided this was a great time to have her kids.  Ray went out to check on them and helped her deliver her kids.  He came in to let me know that she had a doe and a buck.  He told me that he had helped pull one and dried them off... but that I could clean up the kidding stall with all that mucus and birth stuff out there!  LOL!  Thanks, Ray! 

I went out to finish up with Misty's kids and clean up the pen.  So much for being clean when my Daughter and Grandsons arrived !!

Misty and her kids

That's about the time I heard Lilah pushing over in one of the kidding pens on the other side of the barn.  Okay - I really was not going to be clean when they got here!  Lilah easily delivered a beautiful buck and doe.

Lilah and her kids

While I was with Lilah .. I noticed that Emily (who was in the pen next to Lilah) had a large bubble of birth fluid behind her.  This was exciting because Emily has been down since we were fighting Pregnancy toxemia and ketosis for several weeks.  She literally had not been able to stand on her own.  (See the post on Dealing with Pregnancy Toxemia and Ketosis for more details.)  She was finally going to deliver her kids! Yea!

By the time Lilah had delivered her kids, my Daughter and Grandsons had arrived.  We had lots of fun checking out the all of the new kids.

My Daughter and Valery's kids

My middle Grandson petting the goats

My oldest Grandson holding Sweet Pea's baby - his favorite

I had been keeping an eye on Emily all the time my Grandsons were out in the barn.  I figured that I'd have to help her deliver the babies, since she had lost so much muscle tone with being down so long.

When the boys decided to go into the house, I took the opportunity to assist with delivering Emily's kids.  I knew these kinds of deliveries can get really messy and unpleasant at times ... so I was glad they decided to go into the house to play with my Mom and have a little lunch.

I hung towels over the side of Emily's pen to dry the kids with and got my kidding kit where I could reach it.  I got as comfortable as I could behind her.  I broke the water sack and gently reached inside her to find the babies.

The first one had his front feet right there ready to deliver, but they were upside down ... his stomach was up and his back was down.  I couldn't feel his head anywhere and he was twisted in his cord.  I was up to my elbow inside her trying to get his head pointing nose forward on his legs so he could be delivered.

Since he was upside down ... every time I could get his head positioned correctly and pulled his legs to get him out ... his head would slip back down into her body.  So, I knew I would have to turn him upright to get him delivered.  I did this by pushing on her side where he was to push him over and using my hand that was inside her to roll him over.  With him finally in an upright position ... his head stayed pointing out when I got it repositioned again ... I got him pulled out.

I cleared the mucus and fluid from his face and hung him upside down for a little bit to clear his airways and he started breathing fine.  I laid him up beside Emily's head so she could lick him off while I went back inside to pull the other babies out.

I found two back legs next and pulled the second baby buck out.  I cleared his face of mucus and fluids and laid him with his head angled down for Emily to lick.  She was doing a fine job of cleaning them up!

I went in again to get the next kid.  Once again  it was two back feet.  I pulled the little doe out and got her face cleared so she could breath.

My Daughter came back out to the barn at about this time to check on me and found me in the middle of this mess!  I'm glad the boys had decided to stay in the house a little longer.

After laying the little doe by her momma to lick, I slipped my arm back inside her to be sure there weren't any more babies in there. 

Then I checked the other two to be sure they were doing okay.  The second buck didn't look like he was breathing yet ... so I hung him upside down again and lots of fluid drained from his mouth and nose.  As I held him upside down, we noticed that he sounded like a bag full of water sloshing around inside.  I started pressing his stomach and LOTS of fluid came out of his mouth and nose.  He was full of fluid in both his stomach and lungs.  I was never able to get his airways cleared for him to breath.... we lost that one.

After all the time Emily had been down and sick, I am very thankful for the two live healthy kids we have from her.  Here they are with her right after drying them off.

Emily and her kids

Since it was a little chilly ... okay it was cold ... we put kid coats on Emily's kids.  Here they are dressed for the weather!

Emily's kids in coats

The goats gave us the rest of the afternoon to visit and get other things done.  I was glad for the break!

When I went out to do evening chores, I heard Caylin starting to push.  So, evening chores got delayed for a while.  She delivered a baby buck without too much difficulty.  Here they are.

Caylin and her little boy

There's only one doe left to deliver in this round of kidding.   Pearl is due on Monday the 1st of February.  I think I'll bring her into a kidding pen on Saturday to let her get settled in.

The next group of 7 does have due dates of February 13th, 14th, and 15th.  That should make for an interesting Valentines weekend!


~Tonia said...

Caylin's little boy looks just like him!!
Lots of beautiful kids and handsome grandsons!!

Rebecca of Sunny Morning Farm said...

I am loving it! You are such a great story teller. I feel like I was right there in the middle of the action! Didn't you notice that extra set of hands? I am the one doing all the cuddling!!!!!

How many does can one farm have for one kidding season? WOW!!!!!!! Girl power!!!!

Brenda said...

Thanks Tonia and Rebecca! I would love it for you all to be right here in the middle of the action! Yes, cuddling the babies is a wonderful thing to do. They're so soft and snugly!

I have 48 does having kids this spring. They are my partners in providing the milk for making wonderful goat milk cheeses, yogurts, and cheesecakes! Yum! I can hardly wait to get started making some as soon as I have enough milk left over from feeding the babies!

goatgirl said...

I'm exhausted!

Deborah said...

So glad things are going as well. Hated to read about your losses though. I can't imagine what it would feel like, hope I never do. But realize that it is always a possiblity when working with animals. I too, would love to be in on the action, if only as a "fly on the wall". Though I wouldn't get to see much before I am sure you would swat me to the floor. (smile) We are still watching anxiously everyday for new arrivals here.

OurCrazyFarm said...

Congratulations on all those does! There is nothing sweeter than a baby goat:)) All the pictures are great~ thanks for sharing!

I have enjoyed reading about all the cheeses you make. My husband is a cheesemaker by trade and was pretty impressed as well:)) One day I am going to get him to teach me how to make some~ maybe this spring once we have lots of extra milk. I am curious... what do you do with all the cheese?? Do you ever enter the cheese contests??

Brenda said...

Thank you! Making cheese is SO much fun and I really enjoy eating it too! I haven't entered any cheese contests ... yet. I plan to this summer.

I sell the cheeses at our local farmers markets. I have a growing following of people who enjoy the cheeses, yogurts, and cheesecakes (I make these with yogurt cheese instead of cream cheese.) Yumm!

Feral Female said...

Boy you HAVE been busy! Makes me anxious for my kids to start arriving. Thanks for sharing!

Marg said...

Well here we are on my second season of bottle feeding little kid babies. These 24 to start out on is a little better than the 48 I had for feeding last year. But I realize this is less than half to be born yet. I love all the different colors we are having this year. Each baby has a different personaity. Of the 24, I have only 4 that haven't learned to come and stick their heads out the pens, for their bottles. So I am still lifting those up onto my lap for feeding. But once on my lap, they take to the bottle very well.
I told Brenda that I feel like the Octimum that had the 8 babies to care for. Brenda said it is different here, cause we have many more babys to feed quickly. So I guess I should feel like a "Tripple Octimum"? lol It has been a challange, but fun. It is good that I am able to take a load off Brenda's daily chores though.

Anonymous said...

Uh....maybe you could put a "scorecard" button so I can keep up with your ever increasing herd!
I got scared thinking I could double herd size overnight!!

Brenda said...

LOL! Yes, they multiply pretty quickly! I'll only be keeping one little buck and 16 of the little does. The rest of the babies will be going to their new homes real soon.

Dalyn (AKA The Queen of Quite Alot) said...

wow- very busy and fun at your place! Congrats!

Anonymous said...

From one born and raised country girl to another...i just had to say

AAWWWWWWW how adorable...!

come for a visit sometime...ciao!

goatmilker said...

Hi, Brenda I have a new lap top so I can finally comment on your blog. The babies are so cute. I have had three so far 1 boy and 2 girls. I have two goats locked up tonight I expect to go any time. Have a great night Rebekah.

Brenda said...

Hi Rebekah! Welcome back! I two in kidding pens tonight too. Kids are so much fun ... aren't they?

Laura said...

oh my goodness, wow, is all I can say. I just found your blog, that was an amazing day. I loved how you described the difficult delivery and how you helped turn the kids. How many Does on your farm?, how many babies this year so far?? I am in awe, you are living a life that I would dearly love. I have two does that are about to kid, I can't wait. I am just hoping for another little doe from my Oberhasli. I will have to spend some time reading your old posts, I can learn a lot from you.
Thanks for the exciting post!

Brenda said...

Good Morning, Laura, and welcome to Granny's Best! I'm glad you have enjoyed reading the blog. I've enjoyed writing about the journey to develop a goat dairy and cheeses.

We have 48 does kidding this season. The first group of 15 have already kidded. The next group of 7 will kid in about 10 days and then the rest of the younger does are scattered out through March and April. We have 25 kids right now and some of them will be going to their new homes this weekend.

I hope all goes well with your does during this kidding season!

Christy said...

Wow! What a day. I have my first due in May and am already nervous about it.