Thursday, January 21, 2010

Kidding ... Myrtle's Surprise

When I went out to the barn to check on the does in the kidding pens this morning at 5am, I had quite a surprise to see 2 kids out in the big doe yard.  None of the does out there should be due for several more days!


Anyway ... here in the dim light of the overhead light was two beautiful Nubian kids.  Myrtle had kidded only a few minutes before I got to the barn.  It was still dark and raining pretty hard this morning and they were all under cover in the barn shed.

I hurried around to the door and scooped the kids up to take them and Myrtle into a kidding pen so they could be safely together without having to worry about the other does.  I looked around to be sure there were only 2 kids ... I sure thought she had been big enough to have 3.  But, I didn't see any more.  I had to look twice in the corner but it was only a chicken.

So, I brought Myrtle and the 2 kids inside to get them settled into a kidding pen. She had 1 doe and 1 buck.

Kids getting their Colostrum

After getting them inside and dried off, I gave Myrtle shots of BoSe and IvermecPlus.  I gave her a drench syringe of diluted CalMagCo gel and a bucket of warm water.  After the kids had their fill of momma's colostrum, I gave them 1/2cc BoSe orally and dipped their navel cords into iodine.

They all settled in under the heat lamp for a nap.

Myrtle and Kids resting

By this time it was almost 6am ... and since none of the other does in the kidding pens were showing any signs of being in labor ... I decided to head back into the house for a warm shower.

A couple of hours later ... when the rain had let up ... Mom went out to the barn to check out the new kids.  When she got back to the house, she told me that she thought she heard a kid crying out behind the barn.  She thought her ears were playing tricks on her.  But ... since the kids were born out in the big doe yard ... I knew that there could be one of Myrtle's kids still out there somewhere.  I ran out ... well ... maybe not ran ... but, I walked fast ... out and around the barn.

Sure enough, there was a little Nubian kid standing beside the big water trough!  Talk about a morning of surprises!  There was Myrtle's third kid.

She had been around the corner of the shed and I hadn't seen her earlier.  She was a little wet and chilly, but otherwise okay.  I got her wrapped into a towel and brought her into the house to show Mom the little girl that she had saved by letting me know she had heard her cries.  I'm really glad Mom heard her!

Then I took her to the pen with Myrtle and her sister and brother.  She got her tummy full of warm colostrum and then I gave her BoSe and dipped her navel cord in iodine.

Family Reunion

I held her for a while to help her warm up.  They are all doing great this evening! 

2010 Kidding Season is officially here at Granny's Best Goat Dairy!

Since Mom has been such a help with watching the does for signs of labor and found Myrtle's little girl, I asked her to write her thoughts about it.  Here's what Mom has to say about it:

I just gotta tell you of the fun I have had the past two days, here on the farm.
Yesterday morning it had been raining since 3:30 in the morning. Brenda felt she should get up early, and went out at 5 a.m. I heard her come back in and she said Myrtle has 2 babies.
So I couldn't wait of course to go see them. So at 9:30 it finally quit raining, so I went out to see them. They were so tiny and cute. I stood and watched them for quiet awhile. Then I checked the does out and all looked ok, so I was ready to come back to the house when I heard a baby crying a far off, towards the other side of the barn, or outside somewhere.  I couldn't beleive what I heard, it couldn't be really a baby kid. I looked at Myrtle's 2 babies and told myself that the crying did not come from them, but towards the other end of the barn, behind me.  It only cried about 3 quick times and had stopped when I went to check on the does again. So I told myself that maybe it was a fluke cause I didn't hear it anymore.
So I came back to the house, and Brenda was having breakfast. I hated to tell her of a baby crying, cause I didn't beleive there could be a lost baby out there anywhere.
So I just told her that all the does were fine. But I decided I had to tell her of the strange thing I heard, a far off babie's cry, but it stopped and I couldn't find it.
She then told me that Myrtle looked big enough to have triplets but only had 2. It was pretty dark when she went out at 5, so she said she only saw 2, but she better go look.  So she went back out and came back inside in a few minutes. She had a towel bundled up in her arms. She sat down in the chair and said, "Mom, look at what you saved."  She then lifted the towel back a littlle and I saw another precious brown baby girl. It was Myrtles 3rd. baby, the lost baby I had hear crying for her Mama.
Brenda told me that it was out behind the barn nuzzling the water tank. I bet it was thinking about that cold water tank, wondering what a strange looking mother it was. lol  So Myrtle had 3 babies, and so cute.
Then this morning I had another excitement. After she went out at 5:30 to go to the barn on the first labor watch for the day and all was well. I decided I would wait til around 10a.m to go on another watch in the barn, since my legs get worn out walking very far, I didn't want to go back so early. But I went out to feed the outside dogs, and I figured since that is almost half way to the barn, I may as well go on out to see the 3 babies.
So off I went. I stood there watching the babies for a few minutes and went and checked out the other does and all looked ok, so I came back to watch the babies, getting ready to come back to the house, when one of the does in the middle corral pen made some sort of a weird noise  I did not recognize. So I had to go back there and check it out. I stood there a moment looking at each of them and nothing happened.
Then all of a sudden I noticed Opal was pushing.  So I rushed back to the house and hollered upstairs to Brenda, but she didn't answer, then I heard the shower going up there. Now I had to figure a way to get her attention up there on the second floor. I thought of going and getting the broom to bang up there on the ceiling which would be under her bathroom, but I got the fly swatter instead, but it wouldn't reach the ceiling. I had this emergency and I couldn't get her attention to go out and help Opal. I am not strong enough to do much but pass the word on to her.
So I heard the water had stopped and the shower door had opened, so my only hope was to holler up that way thru the floor and hope she could hear me.
So I hollered and hollered and finally she heard me. So she got dressed and out there she went. I told her where the doe was and it looked like she was in labor....maybe.
So in a few minutes, curiosity got the best of me, so I went back out to see if I was right. There I found Brenda, and she had gotten Opal to a kidding pen and a newborn white boy baby. He is solid snow white. She said that the baby was already born when she got out there.
So she really was in labor.  Brenda told me that I have got to quit doubting what I think is going on. But I always want to make absolute sure. lol

Another exciting day on the farm, during "labor watch", and I am sure there will be plenty more. - Mother


~Tonia said...

AHhhhh Such pretty babies!! Cant wait to see them tomorrow!! So glad you found her in time!! I remember now which one she was now that I see her.. She had rubbed the hair off the sid of her belly!!lol Because she was so wide!!!

Linda said...

Those are such cute babies! So glad you found the third one! That was great two does!!! You almost make me want to get a Nubian! I was actually thinking of getting one and letting my Nigerian breed her and then sell her and keep a mixed doe... but I donna know yet if I will... but it is a thought.

Rebecca of Sunny Morning Farm said...

Oh Congratulations!! Let the games begin now!!! Kidding season is always so full of surprises!!!!

They are precious! I wish I was there to squeeze them and give them lots and lots of attention for you!!

Spring Lake Farm said...

How exciting!!!! They are just precious

I'm just keeping my fingers crossed hoping our first time goes smoothly.

What a great start for you.


Anonymous said...

So precious! While reading this my eyes welled up. Good thing your Mom went out to see the kids and heard the little doe crying for help.

goatgirl said...

That is why I love having a farm. Good or bad there is always a surprise. Life is never boring.This is a good surprise. Congratulations.

Anonymous said...

Babies!! I luv babies!! I am so glad your mom heard the little one :)
Today is the first time in a week the goats have gone outside....only a drizzle off and on today until Sunday night. I must confess that I am glad they are not expecting yet!
Names yet?

Brenda said...

Yes, the kids are so cute ... jumping around and playing with each other this morning! I'm VERY glad Mom heard the little one that was outside! I think I'll name the smallest doe Honey and the bigger one Caramel. I'll let the buck be named by who he goes to live with in a few days.

Mom did it again this morning ... The LaMancha girls are not due until next Tuesday at the very earliest ... the buck wasn't even in the pen to have due dates earlier than that! I checked all the does at 5:30 this morning and all was fine so I came back in to get a little more sleep. Mom called upstairs to me at around 7:30 when I stepped out of the shower to let me know that a doe was in labor in the LaMancha pen! I got out there as soon as I could get dressed and sure enough ... Opal had just delivered a little buck. I don't think they want to use the kidding pens this year!! Opal and her little boy are settled into a nice warm kidding pen now and doing fine.

I think I found the reason for her delivering early ... one of the other does was bleeding a little on her head where she had knocked off a small horn spur. They probably had a disagreement and Opal went into labor.

Deborah said...

Oh! They are the cutest things and glad to hear that Myrtle's delivery went so smoothly. Thankful too that you had someone to help keep an eye on them. What a surprise two does delivering so close together. Love the names of the nubian doelings. I have one named Sugar that I almost named Honey, because of her coloring. Didn't because it was the name of one of my Buff Orphington chickens. Seeing your pictures makes me want mine to hurry up and get here. Good luck with the rest of your girls. Rest when you can, seems like you will need it for when the rest of your girls declare it's their day in the camera's spotlight.

Brenda said...

Thank you, Deborah! Resting is good advice. I will every chance I get! :-)

Tonia (from The Simple Life) and her daughters came over today to help me get the Buck House and pen ready for the young bucks in order to get them out of the barn and the rest of the kidding pens put together in that part of the barn. I am SO thankful for their help. Having this done will help me get some rest! Of course they played with the new babies too!

Heather said...

Awww, what a wonderful surprised! They look SO precious. Makes me wish I had a little farm to have some goats! They have such sweet little faces...and I'm so glad the third little one got found in time!
I remember once we had a terrible flooding storm one night in early spring....and then went outside the next morning to find that the cat had 6 kittens in the dog house during all the storming. What a surprise!

Brenda said...

Heather, I'm sure the kittens were a good surprise! Yes the little ones are precious. They're jumping around and playing this morning. They're SO much fun to watch that I have to remind myself that I've got work to do out there!

~Tonia said...

I can vouch for the absolute cuteness of these babies!!! We are always happy to help when we can. The girls love to be there.. When we left last night first thing said as we pulled out was I like visiting Brenda's! The other 2 quickly agreed!! Of course getting to hold babies and play in the goat pen is always fun for them.. Even though yes we have one here! But its like different friends to play with!!Lol
Since I havent heard I have a feeling the baby rush has hit??

Mamma Bear said...

What a great save Mom! A wonderful story to start my day! Beautiful family!