Friday, February 19, 2010

Kidding - Round 2

It's been pretty busy around here lately!  I think the second group of does are finally finished kidding!  Here's how it went and some photos of this group of kids.

On February 2nd ... Pearl had a little buck and a little doe in the early morning.  I wasn't out in the barn yet ... they were probably born 30 minutes before I went out to check on them.  This was her first time kidding and she had spent her time with the first one born - the buck - and hadn't cleaned the little doe enough to breath.  So, I lost her.  If I'd only been 30 minutes earlier getting out to the barn ... I hate losing any of them!

 Pearl and her little buck

 Pearl's boy

Fawn's little buck was already born on Thursday morning the 11th when I got out to the barn.  She wasn't due until the 13th.  Sometimes they are early ... I'm sure glad I had already put her into a kidding pen with the heat lamp on.   

 Fawn and her little buck

He is SO cute!  If I was going to keep a LaMancha buck, I'd keep Fawn's.  She is Lilah's daughter and he is black with a white star, white LaMancha ears.  He is adorable and has great genetics!  

I thought I might talk myself into keeping him.  ..... But instead of keeping him ... he went home with Tonia and her girls yesterday.

When I got out to the barn on Thursday morning, the 11th, Lucy's little does were also already born.  She also wasn't due until the 13th.  I'm glad I had already put her into a kidding pen with the heat lamp on too!  
 Lucy and her girls

 Lucy's girls taking a nap

On February the 15th ... Maggie had 2 little does.  They're beautiful!  I'm keeping these 2.  She's one of my heaviest milking does, giving me 16+ pounds of milk a day ... that's about 2 gallons a day!  

 Maggie and her girls

 Maggie and her girls

NaNa had 2 bucks in the afternoon of the 15th.  I was hoping to be able to keep a buck out of her.  She is a great milker and one of my Purebred LaMancha does. 

 NaNa and her boys

I fell in love with the dark brown buckling!  He is very dark brown with a black stripe down his back, black up his legs and a black tail.  I can't wait to see him as he matures ... and see the babies he'll throw!!    

 NaNa's boys

I still had Bonnie, Sissy, and Lady waiting in kidding pens.  I'm sure glad  they waited until the next day to kid ... it was cold out there! 

Here's Bonnie and her 2 little bucks that were born on the morning of the 16th.  She was just starting pushing labor when I was giving hay, grain, and water to all of the does in the kidding pens. 

 Bonnie and boys

I'm sure glad I was out there for her delivery.  As I watched her pushing ... I saw the first one coming.  His head was coming without his front legs!  When his head was pushed out and his face cleared... I had to go in to find his front legs.  I couldn't help her deliver him by pulling on his head!  She's a smaller Nubian and it was difficult for both of us for me to go in beside his neck to pull his leg out.  But, I finally got one leg coming out and was able to pull him.  The second little buck was born easily in normal presentation.  I'm glad for that!

Here they are at 3 days old.  I just love their spots!  They get that from their sire - Latte'

 Bonnie's first buck

 Bonnie's second buck

Sissy decided that the evening of the 17th would be a good time to have her kids.  The black one is a buck and the cream one is a doe.  The black one will be going home with Tonia on Saturday.

 Sissy and her kids

 Sissy's kids snuggled up!

It looked like Lady would be delivering her kids on the 17th also.  She had been very uncomfortable all afternoon and by evening she had a little gel hanging from her.  She didn't eat any of her evening grain so I knew it would be very soon.  

After milking and evening chores ... I sat with her until after midnight.  She finally got comfortable enough to go to sleep ... so I went into the house to the warmth of my own bed!  It was COLD out there!

I went out at 5:30 the next morning - the 18th.  She had a long stream of clear gel hanging from her and a small water bubble.  I knew this was labor and delivery should be very soon.  I sat with her until around 7:00 but she didn't show any signs of pushing.  I had given her a 3cc shot of Oxytosin to help her contractions and labor ... but still no pushing.  

I decided to come inside to warm up and get a quick shower.  I had made my mind up that if she had not made any progress with delivery when I got back out to the barn that I would go in to pull the babies.

Sure enough when I got back out to the barn, she still had not progressed any farther with labor.  So, I put OB lube on my hands and up my arm ... gently entered her to "see" what I could find.  

I felt the bend of a back leg ... it took me several seconds to figure that one out ... then I felt along the kid's body and felt ribs and the back bone toward the top.  The kid was blocking the birth canal by being totally SIDEWAYS !!

I pushed the front of the kid deeper into Lady's body so I could get hold of her back legs.  From the position she was originally in ... I knew that it would be easier to deliver her with the back legs than trying to align the head with the front legs.  I got her pulled and her face cleared.  She was very weak but started breathing.  I laid her down with her head downhill to help drain any remaining fluid from her lungs and nose.  Then went back in for the second baby....

I felt the nose and one front leg of the second baby.  I could pull it that way ... so I pulled the little buck ... got his face cleared ... got him breathing ... laid him beside his sister to finish draining.  He was also very weak.

I went back in to make sure she didn't have any more in there.  I found a very large water bubble and felt around on it to be sure if it was placenta or a baby.  Finally I felt something that felt like a head.  I had to break the water sack to get hold of the baby.  She had her front feet forward ... but her head was laid backwards pointing to her tail!  This position is SO hard to deliver!  

I tried to get her nose pointing forward and keep it forward while I pulled her legs to get her out ... but it kept slipping backwards.  Finally, I pulled her legs out so I could keep hold of them with one hand and then went in with the other hand to get her nose coming forward.  As I held her nose forward, I pulled her legs to get her head into the birth canal.  I pulled my hand out and kept pulling on her legs to get her out.  Finally she popped out!  She was extremely weak and floppy.   I was able to get her face and mouth cleared and she started breathing.

 Lady and her 3 kids

After drying all 3 babies, I laid them under the heat lamp to stay warm.  The kids were too weak to nurse ... so I milked some of Lady's colostrum and used a syringe with a tube on it to tube feed them.  I gave each kid 3 ounces of colostrum and let them rest.  

The delivery was very stressful for Lady.  She almost went into shock.  I gave her 30cc of CalMagCo paste with the drench syringe ... that helped a little.  I also gave her 50cc of the Magic mixture to help her with the carbohydrates.  

The Magic mixture is (1 part molasses, 1 part corn oil, and 2 parts corn syrup).  I keep some of this mixed up all the time.  When one of the goats needs a boost or is in stress, I give them some.  It seems like "magic" how it helps them so quickly!

 Lady's kids

The photos above are only a couple of hours after their birth.  The first two kids born were already up walking around.  The third one is up today and all 3 are nursing well.

We have a couple of weeks before any more of the does are due.  I'm glad!  That will give us a little time to rest up for the next group!


Rina ... also Chester or Daisysmum. said...

Amazing,staying that calm to help deliver kids. Brenda where did you learn to do this midwifeing thing.

Brenda said...

Rina - I learned the goat midwifeing through necessity and experience. I was so scared the first time I had to assist with a delivery. You can read my post "(8)My First Kidding Season ... Bell" for more on the first time I had to assist. After that it became easier and I learned to "see" better with my hands. It is very rewarding to help save them and disappointing when I lose one. So far it's been a very good kidding season! I haven't had to assist very many this year. I'm thankful for that!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Brenda, my head is spinning over all the births...what's the score now?'re a great midwife..I helped TrapperDude pull a calf once....once a nervous mama, always a nervous mama!!
Glad to see you had weather in the 50's today :)

Linda said...

Wow! That is all I can says WOW!!!

Feral Female said...

What glorious kids! I am in serious kid envy here and shall make another speech to my girls to move things along some. I need kid hugs!! =)

~Tonia said...

I am astill patiently waiting here.... Of course if I keep bringing kids home from Brendas I may not have room!lol I brought the last one home yesterday and he is sleeping in a box at my feet.. He was highly aggravated he couldnt find mom last night and took the bottle finally about 9pm... We had a rodeo for a little bit and then he started eating liek no big deal. He doesnt have a name yet since the girls aren't home yet...
Of course Jacob is doing well in the pen with Moses..

Deborah said...

Morning, I am looking for some suggestions on bottle feeding by babies who finally arrived! I know that your Mom does most of the feedings and any tips from her would be most welcomed. But to start with I need to get some nipples that they will accept. I have access to some "human" baby bottles that I can use. From your posts I know you use soda bottles. From experience what would you suggest?

Thanks for sharing, I always enjoy reading your posts.

Brenda said...

Good Morning, Deborah! Congratulations on your babies. If you're feeding them with human baby bottles, you'll need to cut a cross on the top of the nipple ( a little bigger than 1/8 inch ) to make the hole big enough for the milk to flow better for them. Also, get the very firm baby nipples. The soft ones get sucked flat and pop right out of the bottle!

When you're ready to use the pop bottle for feeding them, we found the nipples we use on Hamby Dairy Supply's eBay store. These screw onto the pop bottle and are the right size for the baby goats. We also cut a small cross in the top of these nipples.

If the opening in the top of the nipple isn't big enough for the milk to flow quickly, the baby gets tired trying to get the milk out. Think about how fast the milk flows out of the doe's udder when you milk her. The baby goat is used to that kind of milk flow.

Hamby Dairy Supply is the only place that we've found these nipples. Their direct number is 816-449-1314.

There is also a pull on nipple for pop bottles that you can usually get at the feed stores. These are hard for my hands and my Mom's hands to pull onto the pop bottle, but the work good for the baby goats. The opening in these need to have a small criss cross in it too.

To get the baby goat to take the bottle, I hold her in my lap holding her head about the level of my heart. I hold under her head with my lsft hand ... tipping her head up a little. If she won't open her mouth for the nipple ... I slip my fingers in the sides of her mouth to open it and slip the nipple in her mouth from the bottle that I'm holding in my right hand.

Sometimes it helps to get them to suck the bottle by make smacking sounds with your lips to intice them to eat. Sometimes I have to make a soft sound that is like "uunt". This is the sound they make to their momma when they nurse.

I know it can be frustrating trying to get them to take the bottle sometimes. There have been times that we've held the nipple in their mouth and had to squeese the bottle a little to get milk into their mouth. They'll usually swollow the milk. But be careful that they don't get choked his way.

They will eventually take the bottle willingly. My best wishes to you and your little ones!

goatgirl said...

Marg, How ya holding up?

Marg said...

Hello Goatgirl,
Well, my dear, let me tell you how I am doing. Like I told Brenda this morning, I feel dead after the 7a.m. morning feeding of the 36, so I rest a minute before I wash all those bottles, nipples, and milk buckets up, so I will be ready to go again at 3p.m. I only have to do the youngest 12 then at 3p.m. Then at 7p.m. I feed the 24 older ones again, then at 10p.m. I feed the 12 their bottles and after I get all that washed up it is 11:30 and I watch tv an hour or so to unwind and rest up so I can sleep. lol
I will have my birthday of 72 years tomarrow, and thankful for my health.
I love the nipples we bought, with the balberring in them, they let them get air and the bottle don't colapse. I am now into a routine that makes it go faster. It keeps me busy, and I thank you for asking about me. God Bless and be happy always.

Texan said...

That was sure a hard delivery... I have only had to go in once and help with a delivery and it was nothing as complicated as yours! I was a nervous wreck!! Mom and kid survived ...I am in no hurry to do that again!

You did a great job!!

Brenda said...

I'd have to say that Lady's delivery was the most complicated one I've ever had to help with. I'm really glad it turned out successful! Lady and the kids are all doing great. Her kids are in the kid nursery - Mom's feeding feeding them their bottles. And, Lady is with the rest of her group being milked twice a day. She's a really good milker and we'll be keeping both of her doe kids.

goatgirl said...

Wow Marg, That is busy. I will have to look for the nipples you describe. I hate the collapsing bottle. I am saving bottles. Our babies start coming end of March.

Lisa Medley said...

Those are about the sweetest things I've ever seen :) Love it!

Sheryl at Providence Acres Farm said...

Interesting blog! I enjoyed reading it very much!

Anonymous said...

I'm looking at getting dairy goats and I'm leaning towards Alpines (well, the Hubby is PUSHING towards them as that's what he raised as a kid). Which of the breeds you raise do you find to be the easiest kidders? We live on a dairy farm and have Jerseys - one reason being that they're very easy calvers. (We just had a heifer who accidentally got bred to our Brown Swiss bull and managed to have her first calf -a BIG girl!- all by herself.) Like I said I'm leaning towards Alpines unless something else just jumps out at me.

Brenda said...

Hi - MilkMaid! I wanted to answer your questions about the Alpines from my own experiences.

I have 5 Alpines, 8 Nubians, 9 LaManchas and 24 LaMancha cross does. My LaMancha cross does have a pureblooded sire and are crossed with my Alpine and Nubian does.

To be honest, the Alpines are my least favorite. They have a more sassy attitude and are more bossy than the rest of my does. I think the LaMancha and LaMancha cross does are the smartest and most loving. The Nubians are loving and seem to give the most milk with the highest butterfat content. The LaManchas and Nubians are also taller and bigger goats than my Alpines.

There will come a time when I sell the Alpines and stay with the LaMancha and Nubians.

I don't want to discourage you from getting Alpines though. Especially if it will keep peace between you and your husband. That's more important than the breed of goat that you choose!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info! I appreciate any kind of input, especially about temperament. Actually, I kind of like the bossy animals around our farm so your suggestions only further piqued my interest in them! Haha. Thanks again!

Brenda said...

You know ... now that I think about it ... The Alpines have been the easiest kidders that I have. I can't remember ever having to help them with kidding at all! Maybe they'll be keepers after all!