Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Come on Girls!

No kids yet!  I think the girls are simply enjoying the deluxe luxury accommodations of the kidding pens ... having all their fresh water and meals catered to them ... and personal maid service to clean their bedding!

Myrtle is relaxing on her fresh soft bedding under the heat lamp that I turn on at night just in case babies are born in the middle of the night.
Nellie also relaxing wondering why I keep checking on them so often.

Lilah has also bedded down for the night.

Liz is comfortably chewing her cud and softly humming.

 Tiffany and Maggie are due on Thursday and went into the kidding pens on the east side of the barn last night.

 Valery is enjoying having her meals catered to her.

Maggie is getting ready to eat dinner too.

Don't they know that other girls have reservations for their kidding pens next week?  I only have 12 kidding pens.  If these girls don't hurry up and get started kidding, I'm going to be running out of spaces to put kidding does.  I may have to get creative with temporary kidding areas.

They all ate their evening grain with enthusiasm.  So, that means that none of them are in early labor.  I'll check on them one more time tonight and then early in the morning.  Tomorrow may be a busy kidding day ... I hope!


Texan said...

Now you know a watched pot never boils, and this seems to hold true even more with goats who are due to kid, than a pot to boil LOL..

Sounds like you maybe double bunking some girls!

Brenda said...

@ Texan - Oh that's too funny! Thanks for the chuckle this morning.

None of the girls were in labor when I checked them earlier this morning. Maybe I should go to town. That should get things started out there.

Feral Female said...

Tee-hee, they do like to keep us on our toes don`t they??

OurCrazyFarm said...

Love the pictures and all those names Brenda! Yes, go to town, you know they are all out there scheming away just waiting for you to make other plans:)) Thinking about you and hoping all goes well!

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Wow, I'm thinking tons of laborious thoughts for all your ladies! :-)
I've been watching this streaming webcam of a mini mare who has been pregnant for what seems like forever...people have been writing in and saying things like, "oh! oh! she's in labor now, i can just tell" and then another 2 days goes by with her wandering just her stall and gobbling up her hay. I agree with Texan, if we all just stop watching, maybe they'd all get down to business. lol
Wishing you all speedy deliveries, girls!! :-)

Brenda said...

Okay - I went to town. I dropped Mom off to get her groceries and headed on over to the feed store and then back to pick her up. I was gone about an hour and a half.

I checked the goats when I home .... and they just looked back at me. I think I saw them grin at each other with a twinkle in their eyes! No signs of labor yet!

~Tonia said...

Maybe they need to go for that ride down the long Bumpy gravel road we always threaten them with!! Tomorrow would be a good day!
Brenda has everyone of her goats named! All 400! ... Okay she doesnt have 400 but it can sound like it Especially when its time to eat!lol

Anonymous said...

Oh man, I feel your pain! My girls aren't due for at least another month, but I'm getting antsy already. This will be my first kidding season so I'm a little nervous. Ok, I'm more nervous than when I was pregnant with my boys, haha.
I'd threaten them with castor oil, that made my youngest son decide to come out real quick! But hopefully you're busy with babies right now.

Brenda said...

No kids yet! I thought Myrtle was in labor last night, but it was a false alarm. I think they're waiting for the Quarter moon next week. Or maybe the snow storm we have predicted for Sunday night. They're all still comfortable ... as they can be since they're so big.