Monday, January 3, 2011

Getting Ready for Kidding 2011

January is going to be a REALLY busy kidding month here at the dairy.  The due dates start today, the 4th. There are 27 does due by the 17th....and many more before I can call Kidding Season finished.   Even though I have pretty good due dates on almost all of the does this year, they tend to follow their own schedule and choose their own delivery dates and times..... usually when I've left the farm for "just a few minutes" to pick up supplies.

Here are the projected due dates for this kidding season:

Doe Due Date
Lilah 1/4/2011
Liz 1/4/2011
Nellie 1/4/2011
Valery 1/4/2011
Maggie 1/6/2011
Myrtle 1/6/2011
Tiffany 1/6/2011
Emily 1/8/2011
Lacey 1/8/2011
Emma 1/9/2011
Mocha 1/10/2011
Kit 1/11/2011
Vanessa 1/11/2011
Butterscotch 1/12/2011
Holly 1/12/2011
Oreo 1/12/2011
Cocoa 1/13/2011
Chloie 1/14/2011
Ci-Ce 1/14/2011
Opal 1/14/2011
Precious 1/14/2011
Sweet Pea 1/14/2011
JoJo 1/15/2011
Lexie 1/15/2011
Lilly 1/15/2011
Megan 1/15/2011
Trina 1/15/2011
Daphnie 1/16/2011
Mandy 1/16/2011
Tina 1/17/2011
Fawn 1/31/2011
Lucy 1/31/2011
NaNa 1/31/2011
Sasha 1/31/2011
Lady 2/1/2011
Sissy 2/2/2011
Kat 2/6/2011
Rosebud 2/19/2011
Caramel 2/21/2011
Melody 2/22/2011
Mollie 2/22/2011
Tonya 3/1/2011
Lydia 3/7/2011
Nadia 3/7/2011
Willow 3/7/2011
Ivy 3/12/2011
Sarah 3/14/2011
Honey 3/15/2011
Harmony 3/16/2011
Almond Joy 3/17/2011
Daisy 3/18/2011
Jasmine 3/20/2011

The girls are spending a lot of time just laying around ...some of them moaning softly.

Holly is so full and round with babies that she usually sits up like in a dog-like posture.  I'm sure she'll be glad for her delivery date to get here.  She's due on the 12th.

In preparation for kidding, I have the kidding pens cleaned and ready for this season. This is the 3rd kidding season for using these pens.  They are approximately 4' by 6'.  I've added the quick lock/unlock latches to all of the gates this year.  They make it so much easier and quicker getting into and out of the kidding pens.  I put clean buckets for grain and water in each pen and secured the heat lamps to keep the newborn kids warm during these chilly January births.

Kidding Pens

 Kidding Pens

Here's the post from last year showing the details of what I have to do to get the pens ready after a long summer of them standing idle. Getting the Kidding Pens Ready  Yes, they looked almost as bad this year before I started cleaning the cobwebs and dust out.

I also have the Kidding Kit and stack of old clean towels ready for this year.

 Kidding Kit

I hang the kidding kit and clean towels on a hook and the fencing at the end of the alley between the kidding pens.  This keeps it out of the reach of the does, but within quick easy reach for me.

 Kidding Kit and Towels ready

Here's the post from last year showing the kidding kit details: Getting the Kidding Kit Ready 

I've moved the first does due into the kidding pens.  Now we're on "labor watch".

 Does in the kidding pens

 Here's the link to the detailed post from last year with the signs of what to watch for when we're  On Labor Watch 

I think they're about as full as they can get and are anxiously waiting for delivery!  What do you think?




I'm ready .... Let the games begin!  I'll let you know as soon as we have babies!


Madame Fromage said...

Hi Brenda, I had to pop over here when I saw your comment on Madame Fromage this morning. What a great blog! I love this post so much, especially the Kidding Kit and the list you include. It helps me stay in tune with what goes on behind the scenes in artisan cheesemaking. Best to you and thanks for the terrific work you do, online and on the farm.

Teresa said...

WOW Brenda you are going to be BUSY for the next few months. But you seem very ready! I will be watching for the big news! Have fun!

Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

I'm gonna steal some of your goat names. :-)

Valerie said...

YAY! I love it! We have just three girls due to kid in the next few months and I'm feeling overwhelmed. I can't even fathom having as many as you do. :) Kidding season is always an exciting time around here. Praying all of your girls do wonderfully well and give you beautiful and healthy babies!

Brenda said...

@ Madame Fromage - Welcome to Granny's Best! I enjoy reading your cheese blog SO much.

@ Teresa - I think I'm about to discover the meaning of Busy! As I charted the due dates on the wall calendar ... I was wondering what I was thinking last fall during breeding season! But, on the positive note ... I'll have kidding season over quickly and will be in full milk production for making cheeses. Yea!

@ Joanna - You're welcome to steal the goat names. :D I have to think of a theme for this year's names. I'll be keeping several of the doelings and will need names for them. Most of the kids will be going to new homes though and I won't have to worry about names for them.

@ Valerie - I felt pretty overwhelmed the first couple of years, but it gets easier each year now. I started with only a few and have grown my herd by keeping the best of my best.

Linda said...

Man 0 Man! That is a LOT of goats to kid! Oh wow are you busy! I have just ONE (maybe two)! I'm glad of it too, I couldn't handle all of yours... But as someone said, you look like you are ready. Hope everything goes well for you and them. I'm looking forward to reading about your goat and cheese making ventures!

goatmilker said...

Oh where has the time gone. Can't belive it is that time of year. Rebekah