Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Kidding - Holly

Today was intensely COLD!  We have about 3 inches of crunchy snow covering everything and a Northwest wind that drives the windchill several degrees below zero.  It would have been SO nice to spend the entire day inside the warm house.  But with temperatures this low, I have to go out and break the ice on the water tanks several times a day for the goats.  It only takes minutes for them to freeze back over.

Warm water for each of the does in the kidding pens

After the morning chores of feeding hay to each of the goat pens ... grain and hay to the yearling does and bucks ... chopping ice from each of the water tanks ...  feeding and bringing warm water to all of the does in the 15 kidding pens ........ I watched the does in the kidding pens that are still due to kid for a while.  I wanted to be sure none of them were in labor before I came into the house to warm up and get some work done inside.  Every one looked calm and happily munching hay or chewing their cud. So I came on into the house for a while.

I went out around 3:00 this afternoon to break the ice out of the water tanks again and heard a baby goat crying.  I thought it might be Lilah's boy.  He's a little noisy.

After I had the water tanks cleared, I went inside the barn to check on the baby who was crying.  It wasn't Lilah's boy.  It was Holly's baby.  She had just delivered triplets.... 2 girls and 1 boy. She's not due until Wednesday the 12th at the very earliest and her day 150 is on the 14th.

I really hadn't expected her to deliver yet.  But, since I had built the 3 extra kidding pens yesterday, I had put her into the one over in their larger stall in the barn.  I didn't have it blocked off from the wind yet and no heat lamp in there either.  So, her kids were wet and freezing cold when I found them.

 Holly was licking the babies dry so I quickly added a tarp to the end of the kidding pen that was exposed to the cold wind coming in through the barn door.  And, I got a heat lamp hung in the protected end.  It was amazing how much warmer it was in the kidding pen with the wind blocked and heat lamp on!

 Tarp blocking the wind. (Butterscotch peaking over)

The little doe in the back/top in the photo below was along the side of the kidding pen that was exposed to the wind blowing into the barn door.  I laid her up in the protected corner of the pen with her sister and brother while I put the tarp on the pen.  Her body temp was very low so I had to take measures to get her warmed up or risk losing her.

 Holly's 2 doelings

I rubbed all of the kids well with towels and then wrapped a clean dry towel around the cold little doe.  I tucked her inside my fleece vest that I wear over my jacket and zipped her inside.  I kept her there for about 30 minutes and she warmed up quite well.

 Warming the baby doe

Holly took care of drying the other two kids and licked my face when she licked the baby I was holding.

 Holly bonding with her kids

 Here's the second doeling having her first meal of momma's colostrum.

If you'll look close at the dark spot on her side, you'll notice that it looks like a heart.  I think that's pretty cool.

 Heart marking

 Holly groomed the little doe that I had been warming

 Holly and her 3 babies
Now ... here's the funny part about Holly's babies ... 

Holly is an ADGA registered Purebred LaMancha doe.  The buck that I put into the pen of LaMancha does for breeding last fall is in the photo below.  This is Nate.  He is also a Purebred LaMancha.  

 Nate - Purebred LaMancha Buck

My line of Purebred LaMancha goats have the very tiny almost not there ears.  All 3 of Holly's babies have elf ears that are about 2 to 3 inches long.  
Hummm ???

 LaMancha Ears ??

Holly is dark brown and white.  Nate is black and white.  All 3 of Holly's babies are redish brown with black trim.  
Hummmmm ???

The buck that I put into the pen of Nubian does for breeding last fall is in the photo below.  This is Latte.  He is a Purebred Nubian.   He has long ears and has redish brown color. 
Hummmmmm ???

 Latte - Nubian Buck

The photo below shows the pipe panels that separate the LaMancha does from the Nubian does when they're out in their goat yards.

 Strong pipe fencing

Do you think Holly and Latte might have found a way to have a little affair through the pipe fencing?   I think the evidence is in the ears and color of her babies!  Wait till Nate finds out!   I guess I'll have to add some extra fencing to the pipe panels next breeding season!

 Latte keeping an eye on his girls AND those across the fence!

I guess it only goes to show ... where there is a will ... there is a way!


Angel said...

Hello little cute animal :)

Melodie said...

LOL! It does look suspicious! I believe there may have been some secret hanky panky going on around there! The babies are super cute!

Anonymous said...

Hmm. . . very suspicious! But when my Belle was little, she looked like the doeling with the heart - her spots were more dark brown than black. When I shaved her for the summer, she turned black with white spots! And even more spots than she had before! Then her coat grew back in brown, but she kept the white spots. So your babies could wind up with white spots like their mom and pop. The ears. . .dunno there, still looks suspicious.

Anonymous said...

I know exactly what you are going through with the births and cold wind and temps! I worry so about the new kids in our barn tonight with lows expected in the teens. We have the wind blocked with big bales of hay.
All of your new babies look beautiful! I know from experience that there can be some unexpected hanky panky that goes on around the barnyard!
Good luck with all the births.
Have a great day.

OurCrazyFarm said...

And with goats they always find that way! More beautiful babies~ congrats!

the Goodwife said...

Hahahaha, that's so funny! They are so creative aren't they? This is my first January without kids in about 3 years. I have a kidding stall and a kidding box with a heat lamp. Tulip is so smart she goes into the box to kid under the lamp! I'm hoping both girls are bred as of Christmas Eva. If they aren't they should come in any day now. You've got some darling little babies!

~Tonia said...

I was reading down through here thinking BOY Latte's Color sure is strong in his babies!... I think there was some Hanky Panky going on behind Nate's Back!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful story. Funny about the goat affair :).
You always have great advice. Great Advice on how to warm and stay close to Mama. I am enjoying keeping up with all that is going on at your place.

Feral Female said...

Hmmmmmmmmm, methinks perhaps t`was not a Munchie buck that visited that fine lady?? =)

Lovely babies, keep the pictures coming!