Monday, January 10, 2011

Kidding - Valery and Lilah

Things are finally starting to pick up around the kidding pens.  Valery delivered 3 little bucks on Sunday and Lilah delivered 2 doelings and 1 little buck this evening.

I was out in the barn on Sunday morning checking for any goats in labor and looking in on the Myrtle and Liz'z babies.  I was making sure the babies had full bellies. And, getting a little snuggle time with the new babies.

Snuggling with one of Liz's little girls while her little buck nurses

I took the kid coats off of Liz's kids

After the kids had their fill of momma's colostrum, I milked some to freeze for possible emergency need of colostrum.  Her udder needed the relief since the kids couldn't drink as much as she was producing!

 Liz's udder
Colostrum ready for the freezer

Valery is Liz's twin sister.  She was due on the same day as Liz and I put her in the kidding pen beside Liz.

Valery and Liz are twin sisters and best friends

 While I was working with Liz and playing with her kids, I noticed that Valery was in labor.  She started pushing getting ready to deliver her kids.

 Valery is in labor

I came into Valery's pen to comfort her while she was in labor. She got up to change positions and laid back down on my lap.  That's where she is in the photo below.  I moved out from under her.  I was there to help but, I didn't need her delivering kids in my lap!  It was pretty chilly out in the barn and I didn't want to get soaked with the birth fluids.

 Valery in my lap

Then she started pushing really hard with the contractions and groaning loudly.  I noticed her vulva wasn't any bulging with the hard pushes.  She wasn't making any progress with her labor.

Valery pushing really hard

 As hard as she was pushing, there should have been something showing by now. So, I got ready to assist her with delivering the kids.  I got the kidding kit within easy reach and a couple of towels ready to dry the kids with.  I cleaned my hands and arms.  Then put the OB lube on my hand and on her vulva.

When I reached inside to find why she wasn't getting anything out with her pushes ... The birth sac was already ruptured and I felt the spine at the top of the baby and the hip joints toward me.  It took a few seconds to realize that it was the butt of the first kid trying to enter the birth canal.

I reached farther in to get hold of his back legs so I could help deliver him.  He came out easily.  I reached in to see if there were more kids in there.  I found the second baby in normal nose and feet forward presentation.  I let Valery push him on out.

Since she wasn't as wide as Liz was, I didn't go back inside her to check for any more kids.  It looked like she was finished delivering.  I gave her a shot of Oxytocin to help her pass the placenta, her BoSe, CalMagCo, and wormer.

 Valery cleaning her 2 little bucks
 More cleaning
 They're almost dried off and ready to find momma's milk

One of Valery's boys needed some help finding the nipple.

Here's Valery's 2 boys in the front and Liz's 3 kids just on the other side of the fencing

 Valery and Liz's kids

When Valery passed her placenta, she also passed a small underdeveloped stillborn buckling.  She had him cleaned up when I found him.  The only reason I can think of for her to have an underdeveloped stillborn baby is selenium deficiency.  I live in an extremely selenium deficient area.  I give BoSe shots to supplement selenium, but it looks like I'm going to have to give the shots more often.  I hope I don't have any more of this problem with the rest of the kids born!

 Valery's boys

Tonight (Monday night)...while I was doing the evening feeding chores ... I heard a loud cry from one of the does in the kidding pens.  I came running into the kidding area to find which doe was delivering.  It was Lilah.  The does having their dinner in the milk parlor would just have to wait there while I helped Lilah with her kids.

By the time I got to Lila's kidding pen, she had the first little doe half pushed out.  She was so close to the wall that she couldn't push her the rest of the way out.  It was a little hard to get her pulled on out ... she so close to the wall.  But, I got her out and laid her up by Lila's head to lick and clean off.  Then Lilah decided to get up to finish cleaning her.

 Lilah and her first little girl

I waited for a little bit to see if she would deliver the rest of her kids quickly, but she was too busy licking the first one to think about any more for just yet.  So, I went and let the does that were in the milk parlor out to come home to their big pen.  When I got back to Lilah she was laying down to deliver again.  I made sure she wasn't so close to the wall this time though!

She easily delivered her second doeling.  Wow! She is really spotted!

 Lila's second doeling

The third baby started coming in just a couple of minutes.  This time it was a spotted buckling.  He was interested in the warm molasses water that I gave Lilah to drink.

 Lilah's buckling

 Here she is with all 3 of her babies

 The 2 girls nursed and was ready to nap for a while, but the little boy was too frustrated to nurse.  He kept yelling, so I milked some of Lilah's colostrum and gave it to him in a bottle.  He got his belly full and was ready to nap with his sisters.

Bottle feeding the little boy

I'm still a little concerned that the does with earlier due dates are still waiting to kid and taking up space in the kidding pens.  I built 3 more kidding pens this afternoon in the protected areas of the big goat stalls in the barn just in case the next group of does due to kid are early while we're waiting on the first group of does to deliver their kids.  I'm thinking about bringing Liz's kids and Myrtle's kids into the kid nursery in the basement of the house tomorrow to free up their kidding pens.  That means we'll start bottle feeding babies and milking mommas.  WooHoo!


~Tonia said...

I'll take that one and that one and that one... Oh wait I am NOT adding any this year! Just...Say...No...LOL Glad everyone is doing okay.. That means everyone who has kidded so far has had triplets??? I am eyeing Mine suspiciously.. They still have a month to go and all the sudden big bellies popped out of no where!
The girls wanted to come over today but with the snow not doing like they said and then it finally started snowing I told them dont worry you will get to see them!Lol

Valerie said...

Glad your kidding season is off to a relatively good start! Last year we had a hard season, praying for better this year. :-) Have fun with those babies. :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh boy! Looks like things are finally kicking in gear. Like Tonia, I've been eyeballing mine because they're seeming to explode suddenly.
We're gearing up for bottle feeding again too, only for cows. . .

Melodie said...

Wow! So many at once,what fun! All those cute little kids and more on the way! Can't wait till we get some babies here!

OurCrazyFarm said...

The are so cute Brenda! Love all those spots! Your posts make me feel brave enough that I could actually assist in turning kids if need be (haven't had to yet). We are able to purchase selenium in a loose mineral form here at a big town Farm and Fleet which we leave in a hanging feeder in the does pen all year round for free choice. Good luck with the rest of your babies!

Feral Female said...

What adorable kids! My need to hug a new kid is kicking in. Glad to hear things are picking up and the kids are coming!

Brenda said...

@ Terri - I'm sure you'd be brave enough to assist a doe if the need arose! We have loose minerals here to that has some selenium in it. My does have the loose minerals available to them free choice too. But it's just not enough when you're in a selenium deficient area. I also supplement with copper even though it is in the minerals too.

Rebecca of Sunny Morning Farm said...

Oh my! I am living my wanna-be-a-real-goat-farmer vicariously thru you and your blog!! LOL!
I am on such a small scale compared to you. When my does are dry it doesn't even feel like I have goats. My first (the only one who has a definate due date) is April 27th, so I have a long time before I get any babies...boohoo.

I have been know to ramble around inside a goat or two in my days too. Scary at first but you do what you have to to save mom and baby. Yes Terri, you can and will do it when the need arises too!

LOVING THOSE SPOTTED BABIES!!!!!!! Save me a little girl!

Brenda said...

Hey Becky! I have an order of 10 Nubian doelings to fill out of this first group of Nubian births. I've got 5 of them and need 5 more out of these. I have another group of Nubians kidding during the last week of February. There'll be more spotted doelings from that group. I'll save one of those for you ... so you can come by to get her when you're on your trip visiting with Terri. :D

Rebecca of Sunny Morning Farm said...

"O"M"G" You are the BEST!!!!!!!

This will be a real test of our marriage, a trip upwards across the country with 2 coon hounds and a trip back the long way around, with one coon hound and a baby goat!! hahaha That's our kinda vacation tho!!