Thursday, January 20, 2011

New Homes for Kids

Yesterday (Wednesday) was a very different kind of day than we've had around here for quite a while..... No does kidding at all that day!  It was also the day we had scheduled for 30 of the baby's to go to their new homes.

Cody and Dawnnell from Rockn H Ranch are starting their Dairy Goat herd with baby does and a buck from my farm.  I am honored that they have chosen my goats for their farm.  We've discussed my breeding program on several occasions and they are pleased with the health and production of my goats.

Cody and Dawnnell produce natural grass fed and finished beef, pork, lamb, chickens, turkeys, eggs, and raw Jersey cow's milk.  They have chosen to add goats to their farm that will give them good milk production as well as be useful for meat production.  Nubian goats are this kind of multipurpose goat.

They selected several Nubian doelings and a buckling as the beginning of their goat herd.  They also took some of the additional Nubian bucklings to raise for meat.

After visiting for a while, we started loading the little goats into the back seat of their pickup for their trip home.  They would be taking 13 little goats home with them.

 Dawnnell and Cody loading the baby goats

When we had a few of the babies in the pickup, Dawnnell had to stand guard at the door to keep them from escaping.  My farm dog, Zypher, was there to assist in any way needed.  He thinks all of the goats belong to him.  He is responsible for guarding the perimeter of the goat yards.  He takes it personally when any goat leaves the farm.  I have to bring him inside the house or barn to keep him from chasing the vehicle down the road if they take goats from the farm.  Otherwise he doesn't follow anyone when they leave ... only if one of his goats is in the vehicle. He is a good dog!

 Dawnnell and Zypher keeping the baby goats inside the pickup

Here are the little goats getting ready to take the trip to their new home.  I'll bet they got some funny looks as they drove down the highway with all those little goats in the back seat!

 A cushy ride home

Cody and Dawnell have been preparing for the new babies even before they were born.  They built them new pens inside one of their barns and even bought the kind of bottle nipples they were used to.  I am very happy that these little goats will be living at Rockn H Ranch.


My friend, Brian, has offered to take any of the little crossbred bucks that I can't sell.  Since I need the milk produced by the momma goats to feed the little doelings and to make cheese ... I am very happy that Brian will give these little bottle-baby bucks a home.

Baby bucks ready for Brian to pick them up.

 Only minutes after Cody and Dawnnell left with their 13 baby goats, Brian and his brother drove into the driveway.  We took time for a farm tour and he agreed to take 17 of the little bucklings.  He's going to have his hands full bottle feeding all those boys!

 Brian loading baby goats into pens in his van.

 Here's some of them ready for the trip to their new home

Of course Zypher had to make sure they were all loaded safely.  I think he was telling them good- by and have a safe journey.

 Zypher and the babies

With 30 of the baby goats gone to their new homes, Mom felt like she was on vacation.  She only had 11 babies in the Kid Nursery pens to feed last night!  ...... Until .... I brought 14 of the kids in from the kidding pens out in the barn this afternoon! She said the new babies are taking their bottles very well.



Kay's flowers said...

They are so cute! I'm glad you were able to find what sounds like good homes for them. Wish I lived closer so I could have a tour of your farm. Have a good weekend.

Melodie said...

It makes seeing them go so much easier when you know they are going to good homes....that must have been an interesting truck ride with all those kids in the back seat!

matty said...

What pretty babies! We get the funniest looks with goats in the Forester, too! Glad that they have good homes! I bet you are glad to be less baby-ful!

Sandy said...

I can't imagine getting rid of that many babies! Good job.

Feral Female said...

What a truck full! Isn`t it nice to see them go to loving homes?

Anonymous said...

I bet THAT takes a load off! I would so drive to Missouri to buy kids off of you. . . but there'll be a day for that! ;}

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Awww, good dog, Zypher!!

Tina said...

LOL! The babies in the back of the truck are hysterical...can you imagine being in an 18-wheeler and looking into a truck with all those little goats in it?!
That's how all of my goats have come TrapperDudes' truck bedded down in his jacket :)
(it' a good thing I don't live close to you...i'm a sucker for those little ones ;)

Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

Eventually, what will Brian do with all those bucklings? I like Zypher.

~Tonia said...

Poor Zephyr all his babies!Lol Mom cant we keep this one its so cute!!

Brenda said...

It was a great relief to have several of the babies moving on.

Last year I was delivering 13 baby goats to their new home in the front seat of my little pickup. I traveled about 60 miles on the interstate. I got lots of funny looks from the 18wheeler drivers!

I did ask Brian what his plans were for the baby goats. He said he would be selling some to people around his home, he'd be keeping his favorite ones, and some that he couldn't sell would probably be raised for meat for his family. I'm glad he's willing to take the little bucks that I otherwise wouldn't have a place for.

After I let Zypher back out of the house, he looked and sniffed circles where we had loaded the baby goats, but didn't take off down the road this time.

Linda said...

That was nice that you found homes for all those kids! I found I really, really like goat meat... yum!

Verde Farm said...

What a sweet doggie you have. All those babies in that truck-so cute. Do you get sad when they leave? I know you mom had to be ready for a nap--but not time yet for you all :)

Ms Cowboy--Dawnnell Holmes said...

Brenda--the babies are doing great! Our hired family has been doing a wonderful job taking care of them and I hadn't actually seen them for a couple of days; I couldn't believe how they had grown when I took more goat milk to them today! It's funny that they moved the kids around today to clean out the pens and put fresh hay in there for them. A couple of kids were put into different pens and apparently didn't like it very much! They wanted to stay with their sisters and brothers! :) I PROMISE I'm going to get some pics posted soon on my blog,!